About the game

World War II, Poland, guerillas…

What do you imagine, when you hear these words? How much do you know about role of Voluntary People’s Guard in war, which covered half of the world in the middle of the last century?

HerWam is a collectible card game where you will take upon the role of the leader of the Polish partisan squad during World War II. The game is done in a humorous, cartoonish style.

At the beginning of the game you are going to lead small guerilla squad. Recruit rookies into your ranks and welcome volunteers. Teach your soldiers new professions, improve their skills, and over time your squad will be a real threat to the enemy.

Go from being a leader of guerillas to being a commander of nice trained subversive group.

Capture town after town, moving progressively to capitals in campaign mode. Succeed in special missions and get for it additional rewards and bonuses. You can also participate in ranking battles for top of the line title.

- Developer: Kuźnia partyzantów (Poland)

- Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows (Steam), and Web version.

- For all inquiries, contact: support@herwam.net


Active game (not auto battle, and players play the cards themselves)

Search for an opponent in real time

Ability to challenge people to a duel via chat

Added animation (including start of battle as an advertisement video)


Added new cards (including vehicles)

Added new nations (at least another 6)

Cards level-up more than 3 levels

Every character will have their own fight list with detailed characteristics, etc

Voice-over into all languages


PvP mode

Players can unite and fight for superiority on the global map (each clan will have its own logo and color with which its territory will be marked on the global map).

Clan ranking with good rewards

PvE campaign:

Sequel to the current campaigns

Added new campaigns for other nations

Every city will have its own story, possibly related to real-life events in some way or another

Varied bosses. In each city, you’ll encounter different bosses, each stronger as your rank grows, and each will have its own line based on the plot.


Added special quests

Added special missions (similar to adventures in HS)


Battle chat

Clan chat

Add friends


Achievements collection

And much more...